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Bucket List Talks.TTB are our monthly gatherings brought to you by the TickTheBucket.org Project.


Jim McNeill- In February 2018, explorer, Jim McNeill, will lead a team of trained novices, ordinary people, from the edge to the centre of the Arctic Ocean – a place called the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility (for good reason!). The journey is of 800 miles, taking 80 days and is the biggest, boldest, bravest and most important expedition of our time.

Vanessa Downie- Hot off the press after performing at a TEDx event, we are proud and excited to have Vanessa performing and talking at our next gathering. Her story is an incredibly inspiring one and if anybody knows anything about following your dreams, it’s this lady. Co-founder of Ajos Dance, she is driven to make a difference through work that reflects the human experience, drills down into issues that remain at the centre of everyday life and asks audience members to reflect and ask deep questions about their existence. Vanessa’s latest solo, Ancestral Whispers, is an evocative, emotive, intricate and powerfully personal piece inspired by Vanessa’s newfound native American heritage, originally commissioned by Artcatcher Ltd.

Russell Smith- With a wealth of adventures from space hopping to kayaking, 1000 mile endurance journies and altitude mountaineering trips, Russel is the guy to tell you how to make your Bucket List happen. Coming into his 20th year of outdoor experience, his trip focus is to inspire and make people smile, whilst planning personal firsts in swimming and European multidiscipline trip for his private clients. Russ has been a speaker at Telegraph show 2016 & North Face outlets, compare at Snow & Rock stores and host of London talking series, Tales of Adventure, we are excited to have him on stage.

Our goal is to bring people together to get inspired, get informed and come together to tick items off your Bucket Lists. So far we’ve brought people together to help them run marathons, start doing stand-up comedy, becoming mixologists, learn Spanish, and so much more.

We scour the globe to find the best, wildest and most interesting storytellers and get them to show you how to follow in their footsteps.

To attend any of our events follow the Eventbrite hyperlink.

If you’d like to suggest anybody to speak at one of our events please email Oska at oska@tickthebucket.org

We hope to see you at our next gathering!




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